Sunway Pinnacle
The Pinnacle, Bandar Sunway, Jalan Lagoon Timur, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
+603 4800 8866

Sunway Pinnacle


The Pinnacle stands proud as the corporate component of Sunway Resort City. Sunway Resort City is located in the full-fledged Bandar Sunway,Subang Jaya. 27 is the number of floors that The Pinnacle currently offers. 4 bathrooms with shower facilities are included in each floor's configuration, for which the total floor space amounts to 25,000 sf The security aspects of an office tower is always a salient matter and The Pinnacle joins the bandwagon, smartly, as the property is equipped with an always-running CCTV cameras network, visitor management system and a flap barrier with card access system.

The rudimental office facilities include basement parking, the coffee lounge and the meeting rooms. The addition of a sky garden, a boutique gymnasium and a lactation room give an idea on how Sunway wanted this to be a well-thought-out corporate property.


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